Thursday, May 17, 2007

Every picture tells a story (I hope!)

This week the pen gives way to the camera. I am showing a number of photographs from Athy’s past.

The first is the local FCA group taken in St John’s Lane, Athy. The pier on the left side of the picture is the entrance to St John’s House, once the home of the Carbery family, and so you can orientate yourself as you visualise the background captured in the photograph which was taken sometime in the early 1960s. Incidentally, can anyone identify the uniformed men in the photograph?

Perhaps easier in terms of identification is the second picture, showing two happy customers in Doyle’s pub in Wood-stock Street.

Photograph no 3 shows a group of workmen standing outside the premises of Duthie Larges in Leinster Street. The man in the centre wearing a hat is Jimmy Duthie and the others, apart from the young boy in front were, I believe, workmen from Duthie Larges. Prior to the coming to Athy of the asbestos factory in 1936, Duthie Larges was the largest employer in the Athy area.

The final photograph shows an unusual scheme. Against the backdrop of the disused Hannon’s Mill at the foot of Crom A Boo Bridge, the horse and cart (is it a milk cart?) with the youthful driver come to a halt for the photographer to take his picture.

Can any of the people captured in these photographs be identified? If so, I would welcome hearing from you.

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