Thursday, August 1, 2013

Names of Students Photographed [See Eye No. 516]

This week I am re-producing a group photograph which first appeared in the column just weeks before the Christian Brothers School Class Re-union last September. The photograph shows pupils from the secondary school on a day trip to Dublin where they were photographed on top of Independent House in Middle Abbey Street. I invited my readers to name those whose images were captured on what for most of them was a rare trip to the country’s capital. All of the classes in the secondary school were represented on that trip and the sixty or so pupils who travelled represented about two thirds of the entire school population. When inviting my readers to name those in the photograph I indicated that a book prize awaited whoever managed to name those one time youngsters, many of whom have now passed their 60th birthday. Of the many who contacted me three correspondents stand out for the efforts they put into naming, if not always correctly, the faces which seem to peer out at us from a time which is now but a memory. Reg McHugh wrote to me from Drogheda in Co. Louth. He was a second year student when he travelled on that Dublin trip in the autumn of 1959. He did not get as many correct names as did Joe May of Chanterlands. Joe retired from teaching in the Christian Brothers primary school a few years ago having taught there from 1953 to 1959. However, it was Dan Carbery, formerly of St. John’s House in St. John’s Lane and now living in Chester in England who succeeded in naming more of his former school mates than anyone else. To Dan goes the prize which even as you read this is winging its way across the Irish Sea. Thanks to everybody who participated in search to put names on the photograph of 43 years ago. And now here are those names. 1. Tony Whelan 2. Raymond Herterich 3. Pat Dunne 4. Peter Carbery 5. Patrick Dooley 6. Michael McEvoy 7. Eamon Doyle 8. Seamus Flanagan. 9. Michael Mooney 10. Pat Delaney 11. Seamus Usher 12. Michael Moore 13. Stan Farrell 14. Patrick O’Keeffe 15. Des Howe 16. Niall Hegarty 17. John Hovenden 18. Dominic Loughman 19. John Harris 20. Rory Mullins 21. Joe Dooley 22. Reggie McHugh 23. Martin Brophy 24. Seamus Taaffe 25. Tiernan Blanchfield 26. Dan Carbery 27. Tom Robinson 28. Terry Dooley 29. Kevin McNulty 30. M.C. Moore 31. Jimmy Robinson 32. John Mullen 33. Dick McEvoy 34. Paddy Merlehan 35. Sean Furey 36. Andy Whelan 37. Pat Timpson 38. Denis O’Sullivan 39. Seamus Ryan 40. Brendan Ryan 41. Paul Myles 42. Jim Dwyer 43. Jim McEvoy 44. Martin Farrell 45. Dermot Doyle 46. Gus Grace 47. Fergus McKenna 48. Frank Taaffe 49. Ger Kavanagh 50. Anthony Prendergast 51. Teddy Kelly 52. Kerry O’Sullivan 53. Ted Wynne 54. Joe McNally 55. Brother J. Brett 56. Con Buckley 57. Tom Devoy 58. CIE driver 59. CIE driver.

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