Friday, November 27, 2015

Photographs Rehban Team 1967 and Asbestos Factory Team

Volume Two Issue Three of the Newsletter issued by the Friends of Athy Heritage Centre has an interesting article on Lord Furnival, the man who erected a fortress on the bridge of Athy in 1417.  White’s Castle is the name given by generations of Athy folk to that building which was extended over 200 years ago. Copies of the journal which issues to Friends of the Heritage Centre can be picked up in the Centre located on the ground floor of the Town Hall.  The Friends of the Heritage Centre was established to assist and support the Heritage Centre and particularly to help the expansion and improvement of its various exhibits.  Membership costs €20.00 per year and brings with it free admission to the Centre and copies of the Friends quarterly journal.  It would make a nice Christmas present for many people while at the same time providing much needed support for what is a worthwhile local amenity.

I’ve had enquiries from an Australian correspondent regarding ‘Skurt’ Doyle whom I have mentioned in previous articles.   I gather ‘Skurt’ whose first name is not known to me married Mary Lawler of Ardreigh.  Both are now deceased and I am told they had no children. I would like to hear from anyone who can give me any information about ‘Skurt’ Doyle.

This week I am showing two photographs of football teams from the 1960s.  The first photograph is of the Rheban team which won the Jack Higgins Cup in 1967. 

The second photograph is of an asbestos factory team wearing what I think are starlights jerseys.  Am I right?  If you can name the team members and the year I’d be delighted to hear from you.

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The Gingerbread Lady said...

I've really been enjoying your blog, Frank, reading a few articles every day. Thank you for taking the time to put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard.) Best regards from Germany, Olivia Rainsford