Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Photos - I.V.I. Football Team 1962 and Sarah Power

This week I’m featuring two photographs showing contrasting scenes from the towns past.  The footballers are captured with their Captain holding the trophy balanced on the leather football.  Their faces have changed little in the intervening years, although sadly some have passed to their eternal reward.  There should be little trouble in identifying all those featured in the photograph including the team mascot, but who can tell me the occasion and the date of the photograph.

The second photograph shows a part of Athy many will remember but which has now disappeared.  Where was this photograph taken and who is the woman who gazes out at us across the half door.

My thanks to the many readers who contacted me following the appearance of the two Wallboard factory photographs.  I hope to return with more Wallboard photographs in the near future.

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