Thursday, August 11, 2011

Photos Bowaters Show / Hannon Mill

John Murphy, formerly of St. Michael’s Terrace and now living in Dublin, recently sent me a number of interesting photographs.  They were taken at the time of the Factories/Shopkeepers Shows initiated by Fr. Joe Corbett in the early 1960s to raise funds for the Parish Church Development Fund.  John himself features in the Bowaters Show photograph, but the names of many of the other performers cannot be recalled.  Can any of our readers put names on the faces which were captured on camera about 45 years ago?

The second photograph shows a large five storey building which once stood at Ardreigh, but is now no more.  Hannon’s Mill was accessed by means of a draw bridge which can be clearly seen in the photograph.  The bridge is still in place today but instead of allowing workmen to access the mill the bridge is now used exclusively to allow cattle to get on to Lord’s Island.

I was given the photograph some years ago by Rex Hannon’s son, Reggie, who now lives in Dublin.  The huge building ceased to function as a mill in and around 1924 and was demolished sometime in the mid 1930s.  The house which you can see to the left was occupied up to about 30 years ago or so.  Like the mill it has since been demolished.

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