Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Seeking Family Connections of Some Men who enlisted for World War I

I am looking for assistance from the readers of this column to identify the family connections of the following men who enlisted and fought during the First World War.  In all cases I give the address of the men, but unfortunately I don’t have their first names.  What I do have for some of the men are their mother’s names and perhaps this will help to identify those involved.  Let me know if you can identify any of these men.

Alcock                         Meeting Lane

Alcock                         Rathstewart                
Mother’s name Mrs. “Nannie” Alcock

Aldridge                      Woodstock St.

Allen                           Chapel Lane

Alcock                         Shruleen Lane            
Mother’s name Mrs. “Poll” Alcock

Alcock                         Shruleen Lane            
Mother’s name Mrs. “Hetty” Alcock

Alcock                         Woodstock St.                       
Mother’s name Mrs. “Maria” Alcock [this man lost a leg]

Two Byrne brothers    Woodstock St.                       
Mother’s name Mrs. “Lucy” Byrne

Bourke                                    New Gardens

Four Byrne brothers    Canal Side

Bracken                       Barrack Street

Two Brennans             Woodstock St.

Two Carey’s                Shruleen Lane

Connell                        Chapel Lane

Two Connors              Barrack St.                 
Mother’s name Mrs. “Kate” Connors

Costello                       Nelson St.                  
[this man lost a leg]

Carpenter                    Castlemitchell

Carroll                         New Row

Cummins                     Shruleen Lane

Collins                         Willsgrove

Two Cunningham’s     Preston’s Gate

Carr                             The Quarry

Two Dunne’s              Nelson St.                  
Mother’s name Mrs. “Margaret” Dunne

Two Downey’s           Canal Side

Dwyer                         Blackparks                 
Mother’s name Mrs. “Catherine” Dunne

Donnelly                     Kilcrow

Three Doyle’s              Barrack St.                 
Mother’s name Mrs. “Julia” Doyle
[these are believed to be two sons and their father]

Three Day’s                 Woodstock St.                       
Mother’s name Mrs. “Bridget” Doyle

Two Delaney’s            Ardree

Two Delaney’s            Shruleen Lane            
Mother’s name Mrs. “Mary” Davis

Delahunt                     Mount Hawkins

Deegan                        Higginsons Lane        
Mother’s name Mrs. “Tom” Deegan

Doogue                       Kilcrow

Ellard                          New Row

Three Eaton’s              Meeting Lane

Egan                            Stanhope Street

Two Farrell’s               Chapel Hill

Foley                           Barrack Street

Fannin                         Higginsons Lane

Gleeson                       Upper William St.

Grant                           Rathstewart

Gleeson                       Ardree

Two Heelihan’s           Higginsons Lane

Harris                          Shruleen Lane

Hayes                          Kilcrow

Hurley                         Canal Side

Holohan                      Blackparks

Hickey                         Higginsons Lane

Kelly                           Rathstewart

Knight                         Higginsons Lane

Three Kelly’s               Blackparks

Kearney                       Castlemitchell

Kennedy                     Barrack Street

Three Leonard’s          Rathstewart

I will give a list of further names of World War I soldiers at a later date.  In the meantime if you can identify any of the above mentioned men from the details listed, I would be delighted to hear from you.

Don’t forget the lecture scheduled for the Town Hall on Thursday, 19th February at 8.00p.m.  Seamus Cullen, whose forthcoming book on Robert Emmet is due for publication in April, will give an illustrated talk on “The Emmet Rising of 1803 and The Athy Connections”.  Admission is free.

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